Choosing a Dog Daycare

What is doggie daycare?
It works just like daycare for human babies. Dropping your dog off in the morning on the way to work, and while you slave away, your pampered pooch is pampered indeed! Depending on both your dog's activity level, and the curriculum set out by the daycare owners, he may enjoy his day by playing with other dogs, playing with people, inside or outside or he may be the type to while away the hours ensconced on somebody's couch, getting loving attention. There is a daycare for every kind of dog and it's important to find one that fits your dogs needs best.

How much does doggie daycare cost?
Cost can vary between $20 to $35 a day, depending on the provider, whether the daycare is operated out of a private home, or a fully staffed facility. Some daycares offer pre-pay packages and others are simply pay as you go. Don't select your daycare by cost alone. The lowest priced daycare may not be suitable for your dog.

Facility specifics
A fully staffed facility offers much for the social dog. Often the number of dogs on a day at these places can be from 10-200 all ready to make friends. Trained staff keep the dogs busy in indoor or outdoor play or even in some cases happily munching snacks (healthy, of course!) and watching movies made just for the entertainment of dogs. Activities might include hide and seek or tag, or anything that canine minds can come up with. Many facilities have a range of toys and balls for the dogs to play with and some even have swimming pools!! Staff is trained to deal with any problems that might result and also have a standing agreement with a local veterinarian should an emergency arise.

In all daycares dogs should present proof of current vaccinations and all must be healthy to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and parasites. Dogs are temperament tested in most cases to ensure the safety of all the canine attendees.

How will I know which is best for MY DOG?
Ask questions. Talk with the operators and go with your instincts. Is the environment calm and controlled? Do the dogs seem stressed or happy? Are the staff members interacting with the dogs? If not they can't know them well enough to detect or avoid trouble. Is the daycare sufficiently staffed? Colorado law requires one person to be with every 15 dogs. Does the daycare have a screening process? If they don't demand proof of vaccinations from you they aren't requiring it of anybody else. Does the daycare have a relationship with a vet that is close by? Are there specific strategies in place for handling problems as they arise? Is the daycare a member of CADD-Colorado Association of dog daycares? Ask questions specific to your situation. Do you have a small dog? Large dog? Do you want the sizes kept separate? Do you want a facility that does training? Do you want a place that has outdoor as well as indoor? Do you need a place that does boarding as well as daycare? 

How do I find a doggie daycare in my area?

Word of mouth is a great reference. Ask your veterinarian, check the local yellow pages, and search the internet. There is a list of CADD members on this website. These members strive to hold themselves to a higher standard by voluntary participation in the association. Once you find a facility go visit!! The most important factor for choosing a daycare is it's suitability for your dog.